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PlumWall FAQ

Q: What in the heck is a PlumWall?
A. It's a way for members and employees to QUICKLY and EASILY share their testimonials about how great your credit union is.

Q: But what if they leave nasty, obscene, rude, or derogatory comments?
A: Relax, we've got it taken care of. NOTHING goes up on your wall unless someone (you!) at your credit union approves it first. And we do mean NOTHING goes live without approval. Let us reiterate: NOTHING is seen publicly unless YOU allow it.

Q. Can employees use PlumWall to share the compliments they receive from members they've worked with?
A. YES, YES, and YES. In fact, we will bet you $10 that many MORE PlumWall stories are created from your employees than your members. Especially at first. But that's great; it creates interest from everyone, no matter who the story comes from.

Q. What does PlumWall look like in action?
A. We're glad you asked. Here's a sample of it in action at a credit union: click here!

Q. How much does PlumWall cost?
A. It depends on the total loan size of your CU. We think it's pretty affordable, especially considering this can easily generate thousands upon thousands of page views with incredibly positive information about your CU. To check our your CU's exact price, click here!

Q. Does PlumWall live on our web servers?
A. No. Just like the EverythingCU Switch Kit that lives on our server, with your CU web site's exact look, so too does PlumWall live on our servers with your CU's exact look also. This way we can improve PlumWall's features and functionality at any time, and your CU doesn't have to worry about a thing. You just provide links to PlumWall from your CU's web site, and you are good to go.

Q. How long does it take to get PlumWall up and running?
A. We typically have it up and running within 2 to 3 business days from when you order it.

Q. What if we make changes to our CU's web site?
A. Just give us advance notice (at least a week), and we'll match the update. We charge $95 for the update.

Q. Would we use PlumWall instead of a CU blog?
A. No. The two are similar, yet have different functionality and purposes. PlumWall is built specifically to allow testimonials about your CU to be created and shared among employees and members. We've tailored it to the exact needs of a credit union. A blog is oriented differently.

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